Want a teddy wool coat manufacturer?

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Professional wool teddy coat manufacturer.Cashmeretex is one of the best wool teddy coat manufacturers in China who makes all kinds of wool teddy coats, lambswool coat and other wool coats. Cashmeretex has its professional lambs wool coat making workshop and worker teams. To make wool teddy coats, the wool teddy coat manufacturers need professional coat […]

How to choose the right cashmere yarn manufacturers and suppliers?

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How to choose the right cashmere yarn manufacturer? There is many cashmere yarn manufacturers in China. How to choose a right cashmere yarn manufacturer as your long term supplier partner? We strongly recommend Cashmeretex to you.After 20 years of grow and developpment, Cashmere has grown into a professional cashmere yarn manufacturer who makes all kinds […]

How to custom coats with the wool coat manufacturers?

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Wool coat manufacturers Cashmeretex is a professional wool coat manufacturer who makes 100% wool coats, wool blended coats, cashmere coats, teddy wool coats, lamb wool coats and etc. Cashmeretex has its own wool fabric factory which could make all kinds of wool fabric qualities. Cashmeretex’s wool fabric collections include melton fabric, double face wool fabric, […]

Why CashmereTex is the best cashmere sweater manufacturer?

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CASHMERE SWEATER MANUFACTURERS CashmereTex has the best quality cashmere wool material. Cashmeretex offers a full design and manufacturing service in 100% cashmere wool and 100% merino knitwear in a both chunky, extra fine and ultra fine cashmere fiber or merino wool fiber. We have our own Goats farm in Inner Mongalia which guarantee the best […]